Has God Stopped Talking?

 how do you hear God

God is always talking to you.

You know those times when your prayers hit the ceiling and bounce back on your head? You look up and go, Hey, you used to hear me! It feels like heaven has gone quiet right when you need Him the most.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that God loves us more than we love ourselves  He’s always working to bring us closer, to bless us more and take us into our destiny with Him. How He does that can be confusing and maybe a little annoying. He’s not afraid to shake things up.

Personally, I don’t think God ever stops talking to us. I think He just changes frequencies. When we’re ready to step up to a higher level of commitment and communication, He will change the way He talks to us. He wants us to hunt for Him because He’s taking us into a place we’ve never been before.

When God gets quiet, it’s because He’s planning a surprise party. When you find His new frequency, you’re going to love it. Revelation won’t come the same way all the time. He is so big and so amazing, He can change His voice everyday forever and never repeat Himself. He’s just being kind by not doing that to us.

If it seems quiet, go deep. He loves a hungry heart and, apparently, loves to play hide and seek. Don’t worry, you’ll always find Him, with blessing in His hand.

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4 thoughts on “Has God Stopped Talking?

  1. Teresa

    For me, the times I haven’t heard God have been the ones where I’ve been most stubborn and rebellious. Can’t say the same for anyone else, but that dusty land should have been a big red flag in my life.

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