When Love Covers Sin

loves coveres a multitude of sinHatred stirs up strife  but love covers all sins. (Pro 10:12) Sometimes we’re offended if justice isn’t served. If someone has been in the wrong, we expect them to act contritely and feel badly about what they did. But what if they don’t?

Love covers sin because love is forgiving and kind. Love understands that people are human and mistakes and deliberate wrong will be done. Love sees the best, despite what the actions look like. It’s easier said than done.

Can you forgive and love someone who hasn’t earned it? You better, because none of us have earned it. When love covers sin, it’s done in a way that doesn’t embarrass anyone. It’s done in a way that shows how much God cares. It’s the goodness of God that leads to repentance. (Rom 2:4)

Sometimes we have to give a bad situation to God and let Him deal with it. We’re left with loving in an unlovable situation. If you can do that, you win battles that no finger pointing and accusation would ever accomplish.

There is a place in the church for confronting open sin, otherwise, we’re called to forgive and love. It’s not that we want to sweep sin under that carpet, but that love will lead to repentance. A heart that has known grace is grateful and can forgive greatly.


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