Rise Up Disciple Maker

You are called to make disciples.

You have it in you to be a discipler.

Everyone is called to be used in the kingdom of God. Jesus said, Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations. (Mat 28:20) That doesn’t mean just people who are gifted in evangelizing,  it means everyone is responsible for making disciples of other people. Not that we’re all going to be sent to other countries, but we should be reaching out to people where we are.

For most of my life, I never felt this call. It was enough for me to be saved, go to church, and stay out of trouble. But God had other plans, and He wrote it in His word a long time ago. I just hadn’t picked up on it. We are all supposed to be spreading the kingdom.

You may be thinking, but I have nothing. I’m not gifted, I’m not a teacher. I don’t know how to make disciples. But you do have faith, and if you know Jesus, He will lead you into all truth. Offer Him what you do have and let Him touch it. The little boy with a few fish and some bread fed thousands.

You are filled with more than you know. The same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives in you, and that’s powerful. Dig into the word and spend time learning from the Holy Spirit. Once you start hearing Him teach you, you’ll be so excited, you’ll be sharing it with others in no time.

People around you are more interested in spiritual things than you think. If they’re not, it’s because they don’t believe there’s any power in it anyway. If you start to show them the heart of the Living God, it will draw them to want more. God wants to use you. Others will be blessed, and you will too.

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