It’s Always Good Where God Is

God is greatWhere the presence of God is, there is righteousness  peace, and joy. (Rom 14:17) In His presence, there is healing, comfort, salvation, and grace. There are no bad things in God. So, why doesn’t everyone feel that?

I remember a time when I was in a church famous for the active presence of God. It truly was, and is, a place of righteousness, peace and joy, but I didn’t feel it. At the time, I didn’t understand why. I watched everyone around me giggle with delight while I sat alone feeling let down.

I later learned that hungry people get fed in God’s presence. I wasn’t hungry. I wasn’t open to what God wanted to do because it was different from my previous experience. As a result, I missed out.

A religious attitude, judgment, and pride will block receiving the joy and grace of being in the presence of God. If you want to experience Him, you can, but you have let down your defenses. You have to acknowledge that you don’t know everything, that God can be bigger than your framework.

It’s always good where God is. It’s up to you to receive it or reject it. It’s not God’s fault if you’re not hungry, but He will fill you beyond your ability to receive if you are.


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