The Lamb Of God Is Adorable

the lamb of God

The Lamb of God is adorable.

I always think of the Lamb of God as the perfect offering for our sin. That was the law. It makes sense that if Jesus were to atone for sin, He would describe His sacrifice with what was understood by the culture.

But lambs are adorable. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’ve never raised sheep, but I think lambs are just cute. ¬†They’re sweet. They are almost the definition of innocence. They love to play and bounce. They are completely dependent on their mother for feeding. What’s not to love?

And Jesus described Himself as a lamb. He was without sin, so He actually is the definition of innocence. He was filled with the oil of gladness more than all His companions. (Ps 45:7) He is playful. And He showed us how to be completely dependent on the Father.

I am eternally grateful for my ability to live in grace. To think of the Lamb, standing in heaven as though it had been slain, tears at my soul. That such sweetness was mutilated for me leaves me speechless. His love is astounding and my only response must be to love Him forever.

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