Salvation = Transformation

Salvation is becoming a new creation in Christ.

You cannot be saved without being changed.

Becoming a Christian is more than making a decision to ask Jesus into your heart. Having a new life in Christ means just that–having a new life. There must be change.

Before Christ, your thoughts and attitudes were developed by your own selfishness, the opinions of others, and the lies of the enemy. But you have not so learned Christ, if indeed you have heard Him and have been taught by Him, as the truth is in Jesus, that you put off, concerning your former conduct…and be renewed in the spirit of your mind. (Eph 4:20-23)

If you have indeed heard Him, you must choose to be renewed in your mind. If there is no change, if you continue to be selfish, rude, and unkind, then you haven’t actually heard Jesus. His message is love, forgiveness, and grace.

Coming to Christ must change you from the inside out. When you hear His voice, you will want more, and the more you come to know Him, the more you are changed. Over time, you become transformed into His image. One who was arrogant and bossy becomes a servant. One who was impatient and angry becomes gentle and generous. There is no desire to remain who you were. You want to be as much like Him as you can be.

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