Who Is The Son Of Man?

who is the son of manI used to find it so confusing that Jesus referred to Himself as the Son of Man. He was the Son of God. Why would He call Himself the Son of Man? It always seemed to tarnish the honor He deserved.

It all starts to make sense when you understand that Jesus lived a life on earth as a model for us. He did not use His authority as God to do miracles, He only acted on what the Father told Him to do. I do nothing of Myself, but as My Father taught me, I speak these things. (Jhn 8:28)

Jesus wanted to show us how to do it. When we live submitted lives to God and act on what God is telling us, we will do as Jesus did. By calling Himself the Son of Man, He was laying down all His personal power as God to live as we live. That He laid down His power for us is a breathtaking reminder of just how much He loves us.

Now read the Gospels and pay attention to how Jesus lived. He’s our role model. No, it’s not impossible for us. We have the same Spirit of God available to us that He had. And once we get the hang of it, we will do greater works than He did.

The Son of Man is our model to simulate. Imagine how your life would change, and the world around you, if you lived that life.


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