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When Is It Ok To Quit?

How long have you been praying about that loved one to be saved, a new job, health? Six months? Two years? Fifteen years? How long do you keep asking? If it hasn’t happened by now, will it ever? Who will you listen to Job or Job’s wife? Job’s wife told him to give it up already. All she saw was the evil that came into Job’s life and it didn’t look like any changes were coming. But Job was a man made of different stuff. He knew God. He knew that God could and should be trusted, despite the circumstances. You haven’t seen your breakthrough yet, but that doesn’t mean that God shouldn’t be trusted. If you can’t trust Him, what can you trust in? Don’t stop believing. You may be discouraged, that’s normal, but don’t stop believing. The waiting will be worth it. The answer will be more than you asked for because you believed for so long. How serious are you about seeing it happen?

How To Pray, Part Two

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The paraphrase Graham Cooke, the core of prayer is the relationship, not the asking. Yes, God is very interested in your need, but He is more interested in you. James 4:3 says that we ask for things and don’t get them because we’re not asking right. If Jesus is your Advocate with the Father, that means that He is interceding for you. About what? What exactly is He asking the Father for on your behalf? If you figure out what that is and pray with Him, then you have a certainty of seeing that prayer answered. He knows what you need better than you do. Quiet your spirit. Listen. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you in your prayers and don’t be surprised or offended by where He takes you.


How To Pray, Part One

What does God want you to pray?

I was trying to fall asleep one night when a name kept running through my head. It was the name of someone who’s been in the local news for weeks. I was sick of hearing it, but God said to pray for this man. I really wanted to go to sleep, but I sent up a quick prayer to ask God to bless the man and his marriage. God was not happy with that prayer, not because it was a bad prayer, but He wanted something else. He told me to pray for something completely different, something I never would have thought to ask for. I had to repent of being flippant with God’s request. He trusted me enough to put a situation He could move in into my hands and I wasn’t sensitive enough to realize it. I should have asked, how should I pray? I should have prayed according to His will. Not that God wouldn’t bless the man, but He had a more specific goal. Listen first, then pray.

How Can I Hear From God? Part 7

God Is Talking All The Time

So you have your antenna up and you’re listening carefully and you think you heard something from God. What do you do with it? When Mary saw God doing things, she pondered them in her heart. Wise move. Think about what you heard. Chances are, He will confirm it through someone or something else. Be moderate about how you see Him talking. It’s easy to be extreme and see every single thing as a message where it is not. But when it is, pay attention. Learning to hear God speak to your personally opens up realms of understanding. He makes you feel special because He’s talking directly to you. Practice it. It’s ok to make mistakes, but the more you practice listening, the sharper your reception will be. Now, what’s He telling you today?

How Can I Hear From God? Part 5

God Speaks Through Numbers And Colors

Remember that God is always talking to you. He is always trying to communicate how much He loves you. He will use anything to get your attention. Sometimes it’s a situation that opens up that you know hand to be His hand. It probably was. Numbers have significance in the Bible. If a number gets your attention for some reason, maybe it keeps popping up where ever you go, try to find out what it means. Colors have meaning. Blue is the color of revelation, God is definitely trying to get your attention. White-purity, red-redemption, green-new life, etc. Don’t go overboard and start seeing every single thing as a sign from God, but keep your eyes open, it could be. Next, one more way God talks to you.

How Can I Hear From God? Part 2

God can talk through cirumstances

God has many ways of talking to us

What are other ways that God talks to us? Through other people. And that can be anybody, not just other Christians or people you think have the ear of God. Any conversation can trigger your spirit to pay attention. A random comment might confirm something that you heard before.

Pay attention if different people happen to say the same things to you. You might hear from God through something you heard on TV, an email, or a billboard. God has access to everything and He’s pretty creative about using it. It’s easy to pass off His communication as coincidence, so think before you ignore it. Change your perspective from He doesn’t talk to me to He’s always talking to me. Next post, some more ways He communicates.

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